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Unforgettable Oils Exotic Body Massage Oil
Exotic Body Massage Oil – Organic

•    SET THE PERFECT MOOD Made with essential oils that have long been used for their aphrodisiac properties, our massage oil can turn an ordinary night into an evening of romance.

•    QUENCH YOUR SKIN’S THIRST Use as a body oil to soften and soothe dry skin. Its essential oils have antiseptic properties to purify your pores while you indulge in the exotic natural scent.

•    RELAX & UNWIND The essential oils in our natural massage oil help to ease feelings of stress and anxiety and can help promote restful sleep.

•    PAMPER YOURSELF Our body massage oil is lightweight and won’t leave behind a greasy, heavy feeling. You’ll truly love using it.

•    A BETTER CHOICE FOR YOUR SKIN Unlike other massage oils, Unforgettable Oils Exotic Body Massage Oil is completely free of harsh chemical additives, artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives. Plus, it won’t clog your pores, so it’s ideal for all skin types.

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Unforgettable Oils Intensive Repair Body Butter
Intensive Repair Body Butter Eczema Cream – Organic

• NATURAL ECZEMA THERAPY Made only with organic and wild-crafted ingredients, our intensive repair body butter addresses eczema symptoms without harsh chemicals

• PROMOTE HEALING The Baobab oil in our eczema cream helps to rejuvenate stressed, irritated skin with vitamins A, D, E and F

• DEEPLY MOISTURIZE With each application, our eczema lotion helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier with essential fatty acids and softens and hydrates with shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil

• SOOTHE & CALM Aloe vera and essential oils for eczema address inflammation to ease itching and redness associated with the skin condition

• EASY TO USE Unlike heavy eczema treatment ointments and oils, our body butter becomes rapidly absorbed by the skin, so you can apply it anywhere without worry about greasy residues. It even works for scalp eczema!

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Unforgettable Oils Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Organic Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – Organic

•    GENTLE EXFOLIATION Our sugar scrub produces friction to slough off dead skin without irritating or abrading

•    USE IT EVERYWHERE Our sugar body scrub is gentle enough to be used on  your face but effective enough to work on rough spots like the elbows and knees

•    HEALTHIER SKIN FROM HEAD TO TOE The face and body scrub enhances circulation and promotes lymph drainage with every use

•    NO NEED FOR LOTION With a blend of natural oils, our sugar body scrub exfoliator moisturizes while it polishes, so you don’t need a separate lotion or body butter

•    100% NATURAL Our body and face scrub is made only from natural organic and wild ingredients to protect your skin from harsh chemicals

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